Nyko Air Flo EX Drivers

Basic Specs:
  • Patented Air Flo hand cooling technology with variable intensity for optimum comfort
  • Driver software for unique button programming, as well as mouse and keyboard emulation
  • 13 fully assignable action buttons
  • Dual analog control sticks
  • 8-way directional/point-of-view pad
  • Rubber play grips with Air Flo ventilation eliminates sweaty hands during play
  • 10-foot extra long cable with velcro tie for easy storage
Install Instructions

Minimum System Requirements:

PC - Windows 2000 or XP with minimum required RAM for these windows operating systems. An available USB port.

MAC - Macintosh OS 10.2 or higher with minimum RAM for these MAC operating systems. An available USB port.

Software Installation Information Please Read:

1) Uninstall any previous version of the 1.0 driver for the Air Flo EX for PC before continuing. 
2)Download the driver software for the Air Flo EX for PC/MAC. Note: The following driver is compatible ONLY with the Nyko Air Flo EX for PC/MAC controller (Item# 80650), and is not compatible with any other controllers manufactured by Nyko, or other manufacturers. THIS SOFTWARE IS NOT COMPATIBLE WITH THE ORIGINAL AIR FLO PC CONTROLLER (Item# 80610) 
3) Unzip the "setup.exe" file to your hard drive. 
4) Plug your Air Flo EX controller into a USB port.
5)Double-click the "ngpmap-2.0.0.exe" file and follow the Windows prompts to install. 

1)Download the driver software for the Air Flo EX for PC/MAC.
2)Unzip the files to a folder on your hard drive.
3)Double-click the "Nyko Software Installer" file and follow the prompts to install.