ATI (AMD) Radeon HD 2400 Pro Driver Windows 10

Radeon HD 2400 series was based on the codenamed RV610 GPU. It had 180 million transistors on a 65 nm fabrication process. The Radeon HD 2400 series used a 64-bit-wide memory bus. The die size is 85 mm2. The official PCB design implements only a passive-cooling heatsink instead of a fan, and official claims of power consumption are as little as 35 W. The core has 16 kiB unified vertex/texture cache away from dedicated vertex cache and L1/L2 texture cache used in higher end model.

Reports has that the first batch of the RV610 core (silicon revision A12), only being released to system builders, has a bug that hindered the UVD from working properly, but other parts of the die operated normally. Those products were officially supported with the release of Catalyst 7.10 driver, which the cards were named as Radeon HD 2350 series.

Several reports from owners of HD 2400 Pro suggest the card do not fully support hardware decoding for all H.264/VC-1 videos. The device driver, even with the latest stable version, seem to only honor hardware decoding for formats specified in the Blu-Ray and HD-DVD specification. As a result such restriction, the card is deemed as not very useful for hardware video decoding since the majority of the H.264/VC-1 videos on the web are not encoded in those formats (even though the hardware itself is fully capable of doing such decoding work). This device driver restriction has led to the development of a third party driver patch, "DeusEx ATI HD Registry Tweak", to unlock the potential of HD 2400 Pro for full support of H.264/VC-1 hardware video decoding.

Basic Specs:
  • Dynamic Game Computing Technology
    • Dynamic Geometry Acceleration
    • High-speed HDR (High Dynamic Range) rendering
    • Physics processing support
    • Up to 12X Custom Filter Anti-Aliasing
  • ATI Avivo HD Video and Display Technology
    • Built-in HDMI with Multi-channel 5.1 surround audio
    • Dual dual-link DVI with full resolution HDCP support
    • HD video playback
    • Optimized for Windows Vista with comprehensive DirectX 10 and DirectX 9 support
    • Open GL support
    • 2nd generation unified shader engine
    • Avivo HD display enhancement technology 
  • Detailed Specifications
    • 40 Unified Stream Processors
    • Memory path – 64-bit interface
    • GPU Clock – 520MHz
    • Memory Clock – 800MHz effective
    • Memory Size – 256MB Ultra High Speed DDR2
    • Connectors: HDMI, Dual link DVI-I, VGA
    • HDMI video and 5.1 audio supported 
  • Supported Operating Systems
    • Windows Vista (all versions)
    • Windows XP
    • Windows XP Media Center Edition
  • Box Contents
    • VisionTek Radeon HD 2400 Pro graphics card
    • DVI to VGA adapter
    • Installation CD
    • Install Guide
  • System Requirements
    • Intel® Pentium® 4/III, Celeron™, AMD™Duron™/Athlon™/Athlon™ XP, or compatible with x16 PCI Express slot
    • 256MB of system memory (1GB+ recommended for Windows Vista)
    • Installation software requires CD-ROM drive
    • DVD playback requires DVD drive
    • Correct Chipset drivers
    • 270 watt or greater power supply
    • Single x16 PCI Express expansion slot