Nvidia Quadro P6000 Graphics Drivers

The Nvidia Quadro P6000 is a top-tier professional graphics card, part of the Pascal-based Quadro series. With a massive 24GB of GDDR5X memory and 3840 CUDA cores, it delivers exceptional performance for demanding workstation applications. The Quadro P6000 is ideal for professionals in industries like CAD, engineering, visual effects, and scientific simulations. It can handle complex 3D models, high-resolution rendering, and multi-monitor setups with ease. Equipped with certified drivers, it ensures optimal stability and reliability for professional applications. The Quadro P6000's cutting-edge features and immense processing power make it a preferred choice for creators who require uncompromising performance for their specialized workloads.

Basic Specs:

CUDA Cores     3840
Peak Single Precision FP32 Performance     12.0 TFLOPS
GPU Memory     24 GB GDDR5X
Memory Interface     384-bit
Memory Bandwidth     432 GB/s
System Interface     PCI Express 3.0 x16
Display Connectors     DP 1.4 (4) + DVI-D DL (1) + Stereo