onn. 6' USB-C to HDMI Adapter (100075741)

The onn. 6' USB-C to HDMI Adapter is a versatile accessory that allows you to connect your USB-C enabled device to an HDMI display. With this adapter, you can connect your laptop, tablet, or smartphone to a monitor, projector, or HDTV with HDMI input.

It is important if you're using an Android phone that so phone supports USB C to HDMI, Samsung phone for example may need to use DEX to output the phones screen.

The 6-foot length provides flexibility and convenience for connecting devices at a comfortable distance. The adapter supports high-definition video and audio transmission, allowing you to enjoy multimedia content on a larger screen with stunning clarity. Its plug-and-play design ensures a hassle-free setup, making it easy to extend or mirror your device's display to an HDMI-enabled external display. The onn. USB-C to HDMI Adapter is a reliable solution for expanding your connectivity options and enjoying multimedia content on a bigger screen.