onn. HDMI To VGA Adapter Connector Driver

Understand this firstly, the biggest mistake made when using these adapters is the device is connected incorrectly.

This device converts HDMI --> VGA , NOT VGA --> HDMI.

No additional drivers should be required, you may need to enable HDMI output on your laptop or desktop so the signal can be sent to the HDMI --> VGA.

Basic Specs:
  • 0.71 in H x 7.48 in. W x 3.74 in. L and 0.132 lbs
  • Neutral black color sure to blend in with your existing electronic wiring
  • Suitable for use with your laptop, PC, PC monitor, projector, and other VGA devices -connects HDMI devices to VGA monitors, projectors and more
  • Cost effective - saves you the cost of upgrading to HDMI compatible display
  • Ideal for a wide variety of uses at home, office and school
  • A must have piece to bring presentations, and TV and movies to life on a big screen
  • 1 VGA port with attached HDMI cable