Blackweb Gaming Mouse (BWA15HO121)

Blackweb Gaming Mouse (BWA15HO121) does not have customizable DPI settings. Instead, it has a fixed DPI of 3200, which is suitable for most gaming purposes. However, it does have six programmable buttons that can be customized using the Blackweb Gaming software, as well as RGB lighting that can be adjusted using the software as well. The mouse's ergonomic design and braided cable also make it comfortable and durable for long gaming sessions. Overall, the Blackweb Gaming Mouse (BWA15HO121) is still a good choice for gamers who value customization options and a high-performance mouse.

Basic Specs:
  • Enhanced optical sensor with up to 3,200 dpi
  • LED lighting with breathing effect
  • Color: black and red
  • Braided cable for enhanced durability and reliability
  • Scroll wheel on top and 2 buttons on the side
  • Textured sides for a secure grip