Cyber Snipa Stinger Mouse Driver

Cyber Snipa's Stinger laser mouse was a gaming mouse back in the late 2010's it is still usable today with the drivers below. This mouse was able to be used with USB to PS/2 adapter. The OEM Cyber Snipa filled for bankruptcy in 2016.

Basic Specs:
  • 7,080 Frames Per Sec
  • Up To 3200 Dpi Laser Engine
  • Tracking Speed Of 45" Per Sec
  • 9 Buttons, Including 6 Macro Programmable
  • Up To 1000 Hz Adjustable Report Rate
  • 8kb of onboard memory
  • 16 bit ultra wide data path
  • 7 removable weights(20g each)
  • 4 super size easy glide feet