Logitech Gaming Mouse G300S Driver

The Logitech Gaming Mouse G300S offers gamers precise control and customizable options. With nine programmable buttons, it enables users to assign commands and macros for tailored gameplay. Featuring an ambidextrous design, it caters to both left- and right-handed users, while its sculpted grips ensure comfortable handling during extended gaming sessions. The mouse boasts on-the-fly DPI switching, allowing for quick adjustments in sensitivity for different gaming scenarios. Its durable build quality and smooth gliding feet contribute to a seamless gaming experience. Overall, the Logitech Gaming Mouse G300S provides reliable performance and customization options for gamers seeking precision and comfort.

Basic Specs:

Sensor Type: Optical
Sensor Model: A3055
Resolution (CPI/DPI): 200 - 2500
Maximum Acceleration: 20 G
Max Tracking Speed: 150 IPS
Polling Rate: 1000 Hz (1ms)
Lift Off Distance: ~1 mm
Switches (Lifespan): Omron (10 million clicks)
Feets (Lifespan): PTFE (250 kilometers)
Onboard Memory: Yes (3 profiles)
Smoothing / Filtering
Hardware Acceleration