Kodak DC3400 Driver

This now older Kodak Camera can be access via USB and Serial Comm port rs232 depending on your system and what cable you are going to use to connect this camera. Under USB the device should show up as a mass storage device on modern Operating systems all the way to Windows 11. When using older operating systems such as Windows NT and 2000 make sure all the latest service packs have been installed before attempting to connect.

Install Instructions

All DC3400 applications support Windows NT; however, if you
are running Windows NT, you must have Service Pack 3 installed.

You may be able to use a USB connection if you are running
Windows 95, but DC3400 software does not specifically
support a Windows 95 connection.

The DC3400 camera is a Plug-and-Play device with both serial
and USB connections. You should install the DC3400 software
BEFORE you connect the camera to your computer, so that when your
computer detects your camera the computer automatically installs
the driver.