I/OMagic Device Drivers

I/OMagic Corporation is a leading manufacturer of consumer electronics products, including High-Definition Multimedia Interface, or HDMI, devices, components, Bluetooth devices and other non-electronic accessories for laptops, netbooks, slates, tablets and smartphones. Our optical data storage products include DVD and Blu-Ray drives.

I/OMagic has been developing and marketing leading edge consumer electronics products since 1992. From our beginning, we have been one of the most innovative and fastest growing providers of consumer electronics products.

We market and sell our products throughout the North American market place under our I/OMagic® and Digital Research Technologies® brand names. We seek to identify consumer needs and preferences by offering high value products that combine performance, functionality and reliability at reasonable prices.

Our products are available in major computer, consumer electronics and office supply stores, wholesale clubs, electronics distributors and other major retailers, catalog companies and Internet retailers.

At our company facility, we provide excellent customer service and support, full-service RMA support, complete product testing, and free technical support.