I/OMagic MagicVision USB Webcam DR-CM200 Driver

This driver will install on Windows 10+ but as for functionality that has been yet to be tested.

MagicVision USB. Delivering 100K resolution, the MagicVision USB includes easy to follow instructions and everything you need to start Video Communicating on your PC. Send Video e-mail messages anywhere you send e-mail right now. In fact, there is no additional receiving software required, because you can include a video viewer with each message. It's that simple. You can even take a snapshot and send it to your friends over the Internet. With the MagicVision USB, you can capture the image and save it in a standard format, so you can edit it and make whatever changes you like. Using the MagicVision USB's security features, you can actually capture a snapshot of anyone who steps in front of the camera.

Basic Specs:

Brand Name: I/omagic
Model: DR-CM200
Item Package Quantity: 1
Hardware Platform: PC
Video Input Format: AVI
Image types: JPEG, BMP, TIFF
Minimum system requirements: Microsoft Windows 98, Microsoft Windows 98 Second Edition

Install Instructions

Download the zip file, extract and run the setup exe file.



Device ID(s)