3Com 100 Secure Fiber-FX (3CR990B-FXLP-97) Network Drivers

3Com 100 Secure Fiber-FX (3CR990B-FXLP-97) is a network interface card (NIC) designed for secure and reliable fiber optic connectivity. It is specifically designed for use in environments where high levels of data security and data integrity are required.

The NIC utilizes a fiber optic connection, specifically the FX (Fiber-FX) variant, which allows for long-distance and high-speed data transmission over fiber optic cables. This makes it suitable for applications where a secure and reliable network connection is essential.

The 3CR990B-FXLP-97 incorporates advanced security features to ensure data confidentiality and integrity. It supports various encryption and authentication protocols, including IPsec (Internet Protocol Security), ensuring secure transmission of data over the network.