Broadcom BCM94356 WiFi/BT Adapter Drivers

The Broadcom BCM94356 is a versatile Wi-Fi and Bluetooth combo chip used in laptops and devices. Supporting the 802.11ac Wi-Fi standard, it offers high-speed wireless connectivity, utilizing multi-user MIMO technology for improved data rates. Equipped with Bluetooth 4.2/5.0 capabilities, it ensures seamless connections with various peripherals. Known for its reliability and power efficiency, it extends battery life in portable devices. With compatibility across modern Wi-Fi and Bluetooth standards, the BCM94356 is a popular choice, providing stable and rapid wireless connectivity for devices requiring efficient performance and compatibility with contemporary wireless technologies

All Model numbers for this device

Used in the following Thinkpad Models:

  • L460
  • L560
  • P50S
  • T460
  • T460S
  • T460P
  • T560
  • Yoga 260



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