Qualcomm Atheros Ethernet AR8035 Drivers

The Qualcomm Atheros Ethernet AR8035 is a single chip high speed network chip it doesn't have any drivers for operating systems as it has not been as yet embedded into any PC/Mac hardware, rather it might be found in a router,  IP camera or a networked display device.

Basic Specs:
  •  Qualcomm ETHOS-Designed Green Ethernet (EDGE) power-saving technologies
  •  Integrated MDI termination resistors
  •  Power saving based on cable length and link status
  •  RGMII MAC interface
  •  Full IEEE 802.3az support
  •  Qualcomm proprietary SmartEEE support
  •  Hardware Wake-on-LAN (WoL) Support
  •  Cable Diagnostics Technology (CDT) with
  •  Support up to 10K Bytes Jumbo Frame
  •  Single 3.3V supply
  •  Co-layout support with 802.3az 10/100M PHY-AR8030