Xircom RealPort PCMCIA Rbem56g-100 CardBus 10/100 Ethernet 56k Modem

The Xircom RealPort PCMCIA RBEM56G-100 CardBus was a pioneering networking solution that combined Ethernet and modem capabilities in a single PC Card. Released during a time when laptops lacked built-in networking options, this innovative card provided a versatile and convenient solution for mobile professionals and travelers.

Featuring dual functionality, the card enabled users to connect to both wired Ethernet networks and dial-up modem connections. The Ethernet capability supported 10/100 Mbps speeds, facilitating fast data transfer and network access. This was especially valuable for business travelers who needed reliable connectivity to corporate networks or the internet while on the go.

The integrated 56k modem function allowed users to connect to the internet via standard telephone lines, enabling email communication and web browsing, even in locations without Ethernet access. This dual functionality in a single card streamlined connectivity needs and reduced the need to carry multiple cards, enhancing portability and efficiency.

The Xircom RealPort RBEM56G-100 CardBus offered a straightforward installation process through the PC Card slot and provided drivers for various operating systems. Its innovative design and performance contributed to its popularity and made it a sought-after accessory for laptop users who required reliable and versatile networking capabilities. This product showcased Xircom's commitment to pushing the boundaries of portable connectivity solutions, paving the way for the advancement of integrated networking features in modern laptops.