Qualcomm CSR8510

Qualcomm CSR8510

Qualcomm CSR8510 Chipset

The CSR8510 is a Bluetooth chip developed by Qualcomm's CSR division. It is widely used in various Bluetooth devices to enable wireless communication and connectivity. The chip supports Bluetooth 4.0 (also known as Bluetooth Low Energy or BLE) and is known for its energy efficiency, making it suitable for devices with low-power requirements.

Devices that incorporate the CSR8510 chip can communicate wirelessly with other Bluetooth-enabled devices, such as smartphones, headphones, speakers, mice, keyboards, and more. It's often integrated into various products, including USB dongles, audio devices, and wearable technology.

One of the key advantages of the CSR8510 is its support for Bluetooth Low Energy, which allows devices to establish connections with minimal energy consumption. This is particularly useful for applications like fitness trackers, smartwatches, and other IoT devices that need to operate on small batteries for extended periods.

The chip is typically used with its associated firmware and drivers to provide seamless communication between devices and the host system. It's compatible with various operating systems, including Windows, macOS, and Linux.

  • Bluetooth Low Energy, Dual-mode Bluetooth
  • RF Ports: 50Ω
  • Receiver Sensitivity (basic rate, typical): -91 dBm
  • Maximum Output Power (typical): 9.75 dBm
  • Class: Class 3, Class 2, Class 1
  • USB Version: USB 2.0
  • Package Type: QFN
  • Pitch: 0.5mm Pitch
  • Size: 6 x 6 x 0.9 mm