Sound Blaster 128 Vibra (CT4810)

Creative Sound Blaster (CT4810) Audio PCI audio card. With its high PCI bus speed and high-quality audio performance, Creative Sound Blaster AudioPCI is the ideal choice for your computer.
Featuring 128-voice wave-table synthesis with high sample rate convertors, Creative Sound Blaster AudioPCI ensures a high level of audio quality and performance

In addition, Creative Sound Blaster AudioPCI supports localized three-dimensional sound immersion and spatial sound enhancement in two speaker environments. Full duplex operation also allows simultaneous audio recording and playback.
Creative Sound Blaster AudioPCI's compatibility with Sound Blaster PCI ensures you of near perfect Sound Blaster compatibility on legacy applications. Its use of the Plug and Play (PnP) technology also helps make Creative Sound Blaster AudioPCI one of the easiest audio cards to



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