Spreadtrum SC7715

Spreadtrum SC7715

Spreadtrum SC7715 Chipset

Designer: Spreadtrum
Type: SC7715
Year Released:      2013
Width of Machine Word: 32 bit
Instruction Set(s):      ARMv7-A
Type of processor: ARM Cortex-A7
Number of processor core(s):      single-core

Memory Interface(s): LPDDR2 SDRAM
Max. Clock Frequency : 33 MHz
Number of data bus channels: 1 ch
Non-volatile Memory Data Bus Width: 16 bit
Non-volatile Memory : eMMC 4.5 , NAND Flash Interface

Clock Frequencies: 1200 MHz max.

Cache MemoriesCache Memories:
L1 Instruction Cache: 32 Kbyte I-Cache
L1 Data Cache: 32 Kbyte D-Cache
Total L2 Cache: 56 Kbyte L2
Size: 40 nm
Semiconductor Technology: CMOS

Graphical Subsystem
Embedded GPU: ARM Mali-400 GPU
Number of GPU cores:  1-core GPU
Dedicated Graphics Memory: 0.25 MiB