Standard VGA Graphics Adapter Driver

Warning about scam websites.

Before you install any drivers or software from the huge range of scam websites out there, first understand what this ”Standard VGA Graphics Adapter Driver” is.

Here is what it means:

  • The correct driver for the graphics card hasn’t been installed.
  • You may not get the full functionality from your computers graphics, games etc.
  • You can't run dual monitors generally as only one port is activated by the generic driver.

Here is what it is not:

  • There is no “Standard VGA Graphics Adapter Driver” that you can download, it is already install via Windows.
  • You can use your computer despite this message you may be limited to low colors and movies and video may be choppy.

What  causes this issue:

The Standard VGA Graphics Adapter that appears in the Windows Device Manager is a generic video driver that is installed by Windows when the graphics card cannot be identified by the system, or if the drivers are not available or certified to be installed by Windows automatically. In rare cases this driver will be used if there is a physical issue with the graphics device.

How to install the correct graphics driver.

Look up the make of the laptop/notebook to find what the name of the graphics card is.

If you have a desktop computer, have a look at the graphics card to find a model number, if it is an onboard graphics card, then look up the motherboard model number in a search engine.

Websites offering to download a Standard VGA Graphics Adapter Driver are installing Malware.

More information: Microsoft Basic Display Adapter


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