Fix bcm20702a0 driver error on Windows 10

This error message is the most common error messages is exhibited by the onboard Broadcom Bluetooth chipset in your laptop/notebook or table, and it is not a big issue and is usually fixed by re-installing the Broadcom Bluetooth drivers that are at the bottom of this page. If you know what you are doing you can jump to the bottom of the page and download them now.

Here are some trouble shooting tips for often over looked quick fixes that you can try first, some of these are ridiculously simple but can disable the Bluetooth chipset in Windows (especially 10 & 8)

  1. Make sure the airplane mode in not on. (serious you would be surprised how many time people accidently hit airplane mode by accident.)
  2. Make sure Bluetooth is switched on. (also, serious)
  3. Reboot the computer, so many errors on any computer can often be fixed by doing this. (The reason many are hesitant to reboot is because people don’t want to save their work and have to re-open up all the programs that are open.

Ok so you tried all those and it is still not working? Never fear, now you are going to become a technician and Install or re-install the drivers.

The fist link below is probably the only driver you will need depending on you computer, it is a generic installer.

1. Download the zip.

2. Extract it to a location where you can get quick access.

3. Run the setup.exe file (Run As Administrator)

4. Check to see if the issue has now been fixed.

Drivers that are below are also available on this page: BCM20702a0 drivers