BCM20702a0 Driver Windows 11/10/ 8/ 7/Vista/ XP (Broadcom Bluetooth Chipset)

Version fixes many of the issues that effect later editions of Windows 10 and 11.

This Broadcom Bluetooth chipset (BCM20702A0) often doesn’t have the drivers correctly installed or not installed at all. The device will appear in the device manager with an exclamation mark next to it simply stating the name of the device as BCM20702A0.

Broadcom’s BCM20702A0 chipset is used on a vast amount of laptops, tablets, USB Bluetooth adapters and more. Below is a collection of drivers that can be used to fix your computer. Please backup your computer before attempting to install new drivers as there is always a small chance of problems after installing and device driver.

Be aware the anytime that you run and update on Windows 11 or Windows 10 there is a chance that the drivers for the Bluetooth will need to be reinstalled. The reason for this Windows with many updates, in the name of security and stability will kick drivers or remove drivers for a device rendering it useless. Also Windows will try to install its own drivers for a device, which sometimes is good, but other times it makes the device non functional.

Below are drivers for Thinkpad and HP Laptops also a generic driver that might cover all of them.

If the device is showing a code 10 error follow the Code 10 Error guide.

More trouble shooting information is also available on this page: Fix bcm20702a0 driver error

Also this chipset does have issues working on Hackinosh setups, there is a Kext support that we will add below.

Install Instructions

Extract the zip file to your desktop or a location that you can delete after the install. After the files are extracted run the setup.exe as an administrator.