Triumph-Adler Device Drivers

TA Triumph-Adler GmbH (formerly TA Triumph-Adler AG ) is a Nuremberg -based German company that has transformed itself from an office equipment manufacturer into a provider of Managed Document Service (MDS) services.

The group was founded in 1896 by Siegfried Bettmann as Deutsche Triumph Fahrradwerke AG in Nuremberg as a subsidiary of the Triumph Cycle Company , Coventry .

Until 1909, Deutsche Triumph Fahrradwerke Aktiengesellschaft exclusively produced bicycles , and for a short time also motorcycles . That same year, Triumph entered the typewriter business by purchasing a bankruptcy estate .

In 1911 the company was renamed Triumph Werke Nürnberg AG and two years later it was spun off from the English parent company. Up until the 1950s, Triumph mainly manufactured typewriters , bicycles, motorcycles and even automobiles , and in the meantime also wheelbarrows and handcarts.

In 1957 
Max Grundig bought the share capital of Triumph-Werke as well as a stake in Adlerwerke . In 1958, Grundig merged both companies and the dictation device division (Grundig-Stenorette) of its Grundig tape recorder works into the company Triumph-Adler-Büromaschinen-Vertriebs-GmbH and henceforth only produced/ sold office machines . From then on, the office typewriters were equipped with control buttons and a connection for the Stenorette and thus integrated into one system. In 1968, Triumph-Adler was the world's 5th office machine manufacturer. When Grundig entered the color television business in the late 1960s, Triumph-Adler was sold to LittonGroup sold in the USA , but came back to Germany in 1979 to the Volkswagen Group . In 1980, Triumph-Adler acquired the majority of Pertec Computer Corporation , which had taken over MITS in 1977, which is regarded as the designer of the first personal computer . TA thus continued to expand its strategic position with the Alphatronic brand in the increasingly competitive computer business.