Via VL822 USB 3.2 Controller Firmware

The VIA VL822 USB 3.2 Controller is a cutting-edge hub solution, catering to high-speed data transfer needs. Designed with a focus on versatility, it supports USB 3.2 specifications, providing efficient 10Gbps operation on its 1 upstream port and 4/2 downstream ports. This controller stands out with three variants: VL822-Q8, VL822-Q7, and VL822-Q5, each tailored to specific form factors. Featuring an integrated USB 2.0 hub with Multiple Transaction Translators, it ensures optimal bandwidth utilization. The VL822 excels in USB-C applications, boasting optional configurations for a USB Billboard Device and a USB HID endpoint. Its firmware allows for customization and in-field updates, ensuring adaptability and performance.