UGREEN Bluetooth 5.3 Adapter CM591 (ATS2851) Drivers

This Bluetooth adapter will work on Windows without additional drivers, however to achieve the advantages of Bluetooth 5.3 you will need to install the drivers that are included with the adapter. Please hit us up on facebook if you have these drivers. The drivers that are on Windows only work at Bluetooth 2.0

If you are using this dongle on a device that already has bluetooth you may need to disable it first, as they don't coexist together. Read more here: Troubleshooting a Bluetooth Dongle: Tips to Resolve Common Issues

After a lot of time looking we are still unable to find any drivers for this device. If there is going to be any driver at all they would need to have been made by Actions the maker of the ATS2851, and even generic devices we have seen using this chip have no drivers on offer.

We have contacted Actions & Ugreen and at this time we are still waiting for a reply.

Dec/1/2022: Ugreen have passed it to their QC department.

Feb/1/2023 Still nothing.