ASUS Fanless Chromebox 4

The ASUS Fanless Chromebox is a compact desktop computer characterized by its passive cooling system, eschewing traditional fans for enhanced silence and reliability. Boasting a form factor conducive to space efficiency, it houses components in a fanless chassis, relying on efficient heat dissipation mechanisms. Powered by Chrome OS, Google's streamlined operating system, the Chromebox excels in web-centric tasks. Featuring diverse ports, including USB and HDMI, it supports connectivity versatility. Its model variations offer choices in processing power, RAM, and storage capacities, catering to users with specific computing needs. Ideal for noise-sensitive environments, the ASUS Fanless Chromebox provides a secure and efficient Chrome OS experience.

If installing Windows 11/10 on this device, be aware that there are no known drivers that  work with the Realtek Audio Chipset.