FIC PT-2006 Motherboard Drivers

The PT-2006 mainboard combines the advanced capabilities of the Intel 82430VX PCIset with a high-performance concurrent PCI local bus architecture to provide the ideal platform for unleashing the unsurpassed speed and power of the Intel Pentium processor.

This highly-flexible mainboard is designed to run a full range of Intel Pentium, Cyrix 6x86, IBM 6x86, and AMD-K5 processors, and can be easily upgraded using its 321-pin ZIF socket. The processor’s advanced performance is complemented by a second-level write-back Pipeline Burst SRAM cache of up to 512KB and main memory of up to 128MB DRAM. The main memory is installed using the board’s four 72-pin SIMM sockets and one 168-pin DIMM socket that accept a choice of lightning-fast synchronous DRAM (SDRAM), high-speed EDO, or standard Fast Page Mode DRAM.

The PT-2006 integrates a full set of I/O features onboard, including two 16550A UART compatible serial ports, one EPP/ECP capable parallel port, and one Floppy Disk Drive controller. It also comes with a built-in Enhanced IDE controller that provides convenient, high-speed PCI Bus Master connections with up to four IDE devices, including Hard Disk and CD-ROM drives. Three 16-bit ISA slots and four 32-bit PCI slots provide ample room for further expansion.

The mainboard also features support for the state-of-the-art Universal Serial Bus (USB) that provides ease-of-use and high-speed Plug & Play connections to future USB-compliant peripheral devices. The IrDA compliant serial port and optional onboard SIR support further enhance system I/O connectivity.

This overview highlights the key features and capabilities of the FIC PT-2006 motherboard, emphasizing its compatibility with a range of processors, memory options, expansion slots, and integrated I/O features. Please let me know if you need more specific information about this motherboard or if you have any other questions.