MosChip MCS9922CV PCIE Multi-IO Controller Driver

MosChip MCS9922CV is a 2-port DB-9 Serial (RS-232) PCI-e controller card that is compliant with PCI-Express Base Specification, Revision 1.0 a PCIe Multi Function Peripheral Controller with x1 Lane Interface Support for D1, D2, D3hot and D3cold Supports PCIe Power Management Serial Ports: 16C450/550/Extended 550 Compatible UARTs Supports RS232, RS485 & RS422 Modes Bi-directional Speeds from 50 bps to 16Mbps/Port Full Serial Modem Control Supports Hardware, Software Flow Control 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9-bit Serial Format Supported Even, Odd, None, Space & Mark Parity Supported Custom BAUD Rates Supported with External Clock or by Programming Internal PLL On Chip 256 Byte Depth FIFOs in Transmit, Receive Path of Each Serial Port Supports Remote Wakeup and Power Management Features Serial Port Transceiver Shutdown Supported Supports Slow IrDA on all Serial.