Brother iPrint&Scan Push Scan Tool (macOS)

The Brother iPrint&Scan Push Scan Tool for macOS is a utility designed to simplify and streamline the scanning process for Brother multifunction printers. Specifically tailored for Mac users, this tool eliminates the need for complex configurations by allowing direct and efficient scanning from the printer to the Mac computer. Its intuitive interface and user-friendly design enable quick and hassle-free document digitization. Users can initiate scans directly from their Mac, selecting various scanning settings like color mode, resolution, file format, and destination folder.

By offering seamless integration with Brother printers, this tool enhances productivity by swiftly converting physical documents into digital formats. Its versatility extends to scanning various document types, including images, receipts, and multi-page documents. Additionally, it supports different connectivity options, such as USB and wireless connections, ensuring flexibility in use.

The iPrint&Scan Push Scan Tool embodies Brother's commitment to user convenience, providing Mac users with a reliable and efficient scanning solution. Its intuitive interface and functionality empower users to effortlessly digitize documents, enhancing workflow efficiency and meeting the demands of modern digital document management on macOS platforms.