Canon MAXIFY GX7040 Printer Drivers

The Canon MAXIFY GX7040 Printer is a high-performance inkjet printer engineered for demanding office environments. Featuring advanced PrecisionCore printhead technology, it delivers precise and consistent droplet placement for sharp text and vibrant graphics at remarkable speeds of up to 24 pages per minute. Its large-capacity ink tanks ensure continuous productivity, reducing the frequency of refills and minimizing downtime. The printer's robust build and duplex printing capabilities further enhance efficiency. Equally crucial are the Canon MAXIFY GX7040 Printer Drivers, which optimize print quality, enable advanced features, and ensure seamless compatibility with various operating systems, thereby maximizing the printer's performance and reliability in professional settings.

Basic Specs:

What ink does the Maxify GX7040 use?

GI-56 BK, GI-56 C, GI-56 M  & GI-56 Y