LG HL-DT-ST CD-ROM GCR-8523B ATA Device Drivers

Looking for drivers for the LG HL-DT-ST CD-ROM GCR-8523B ATA? Well you shouldn’t need any. This ATA device will appear in Windows with no device drivers. There are websites that are offering tools to install drivers for this device but they will do nothing, and they will try to charge you for it. So, if the device isn’t appearing in Windows, make sure that you have connected the IDE cable correctly and make sure the power cable from the power supply is correctly plugged in. If it still isn’t working there may be something wrong with the device.

LG W1742 Monitor Drivers

This LG wide screen series use FLATRON f Engine chip that make LG Monitor much more perfect on viewing natural and sharpen color. With 5000:1 Digital Fine Contrast ratio(DFC), LG L177WSB is ideal for movie and game entertainment. While the drivers below may not be much help, it must be noted the the maximum resolution that this monitor can do it 1440x990, so make sure if you are plugging it in to a PC that you have the resolution correct  to view the image and avoid any damage. Also the LG W1742  was only supported up to Windows 7.


The HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GT80N ATA is a common drive that is installed in laptops and micro-pcs.  The drive can also be purchased as an OEM product to be installed in a laptop that has the correct SATA interface. The drivers are below if it hasn’t been recognized by the Windows computer it was installed in.

LG HBS730 driver (Bluetooth Headphones)

The LG HBS730 is a popular set of bluetooth headphones, that is often used on Windows for conference call and skype sessions. On Windows 7 and older operating systems there can be difficulties getting the audio to pass through to the system via bluetooth hence the drives below that are aim to bridge this error.

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