OEM Drivers (Original Equipment Manufacturer) are proprietary pieces of software that interface a physical hardware device (keyboard, mouse, sound, graphics etc.) with a host Operating System (OS) such as Windows, Mac OS or Linux. OEMDrivers.com has on mission to preserve software drivers for old computers that which would otherwise without these lost drivers would render some of this old hardware useless. Too often when looking for drivers for a particular piece of hardware the use finds themselves having to avoid the tricks and traps that other websites use to try to install malware and other fake diagnostic/ driver detection tools often requiring you to put in credit card information to get rid of the software. OEM Drivers is a no fuss, one stop place where you can get access the drivers you need. If there is a driver that you can’t find on the site we will find it for you. Please contact us on our facebook page to get us searching for the driver you need. Hardware and other peripherals from the 80’s and early 90’s often have missing media and other installation information. So we have started collecting drivers that can be easily downloaded in zip/rar/exe files for Windows systems.