BIOSTAR P4M900-M7 SE Motherboard Drivers

The BIOSTAR P4M900-M7 SE is a motherboard designed for desktop computers, offering a balance of affordability and functionality. Based on the VIA P4M900 chipset, it supports Intel processors compatible with the LGA 775 socket, including Pentium 4, Pentium D, and Celeron D processors.

The motherboard supports DDR2 memory modules with a maximum capacity of 4GB, enabling smooth multitasking and data handling. It also features integrated graphics based on the VIA UniChrome Pro technology, providing basic graphics capabilities for everyday computing tasks.

The P4M900-M7 SE offers expansion slots, including PCI and PCI Express x16, allowing for the installation of additional expansion cards such as sound cards, network cards, or graphics cards to enhance system capabilities.

For storage, the motherboard supports both PATA and SATA interfaces, providing options for connecting traditional hard drives and modern solid-state drives. It includes USB 2.0 ports for peripheral connectivity and Ethernet ports for network connectivity.