ASIX AX88772\AX88772A\AX88772B\AX88772C Network Adapter Drivers

The ASIX AX88772/AX88772A/AX88772B/AX88772C Network Adapters is are reliable and high-performance USB to Ethernet adapters that provides a seamless and efficient way to connect devices to wired networks. Whether you need to add Ethernet connectivity to a laptop, desktop, or other compatible device, this adapter offers a convenient solution.

The AX88772/AX88772A/AX88772B/AX88772C series of chips from ASIX utilizes an advanced chipset technology to deliver fast and stable network connections. It supports 10/100Mbps Ethernet speeds, allowing for smooth data transfers and lag-free streaming compare to WiFi.

One of the key features of the ASIX AX88772/AX88772A/AX88772B/AX88772C Network Adapter is its plug-and-play functionality. In many cases especially device like Nintendo Switch. Windows has drivers going all the way back to Windows XP.