Ugreen USB-C to Ethernet Gigabit Adapter (80605) Driver

The Ugreen USB-C to Ethernet Gigabit Adapter (80605) allows USB-C devices to connect to a wired Ethernet network. It features a Gigabit Ethernet port, plug-and-play functionality, and wide compatibility with various operating systems. It provides a reliable and fast Ethernet connection for USB-C devices.

Important: This device usually doesn't require addition drivers, however if they are required they are below. ALSO some of these devices use a Realtek chip, the drivers for this model are here: Realtek RTL8153 USB 3.0 to Gigabit Ethernet Adapter Drivers

The Ugreen USB-C to Ethernet Gigabit Adapter (80605) is a high-quality networking solution designed to provide fast and reliable internet connectivity to devices with USB-C ports. With its Gigabit Ethernet port, this adapter delivers up to 1000Mbps of wired network speed, allowing for smooth and stable online experiences. The compact and lightweight design makes it a portable and convenient option for business trips, travel, or working from home.