Lexmark CX510de Printer Drivers

The Lexmark CX510de is a reliable color laser multifunction printer designed for efficiency in medium-sized workgroups. With a focus on productivity, this printer offers swift printing speeds of up to 32 pages per minute and a rapid time-to-first-page output. Its intuitive touchscreen interface simplifies operation, while advanced security features protect sensitive data. The CX510de's versatility extends to handling diverse media types and sizes, accommodating various printing needs. With its robust build and user-friendly features, Lexmark's CX510de is a dependable choice for businesses seeking high-quality color printing and multifunction capabilities, ensuring seamless workflow and professional output.

Basic Specs:

What toner does the Lexmark CX510de Printer use?

Lexmark 71B10C0 Cyan Toner Cartridge ~2300 Pages
Lexmark 71B10M0 Magenta Toner Cartridge ~2300 Pages
Lexmark 71B10Y0 Yellow Toner Cartridge ~2300 Pages
Lexmark 71B10K0 Black Toner Cartridge ~3000 Pages
Lexmark 71B1HC0 Cyan High Capacity Toner Cartridge ~3500 pages
Lexmark 71B1HM0 Magenta High Capacity Toner Cartridge ~3500 pages
Lexmark 71B1HY0 Yellow High Capacity Toner Cartridge ~3500 pages
Lexmark 71B1HK0 Black High Capacity Toner Cartridge ~6000 pages



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