QYT KT-8900 20W Dual Band 2m/70cm Mobile Radio Driver

The QYT KT-8900 is a compact and versatile mobile transceiver that offers reliable and efficient communication capabilities. Designed for amateur radio operators and enthusiasts, the KT-8900 provides a wide range of features in a small form factor.

Operating on both VHF and UHF frequency bands, the KT-8900 offers a power output of up to 25 watts, allowing for long-range communication. It supports both analog FM mode and DTMF encoding/decoding, enabling seamless integration with repeaters and other communication systems.

The KT-8900 features a clear and intuitive LCD display that shows essential information such as frequency, channel, and signal strength. It also includes programmable memory channels, allowing users to store frequently used frequencies for quick access.

Additionally, the KT-8900 provides scanning capabilities, dual-watch functionality, and CTCSS/DCS encoding and decoding, ensuring efficient and interference-free communication. Its compact size makes it suitable for installation in vehicles or tight spaces.

Programming is done via CHIRP,