Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 1203-USB Converter Drivers

The Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 1203-USB Converter was a multifunctional interface device designed to streamline communication between a computer and Allen-Bradley PowerFlex drives. This compact converter facilitated connectivity via USB, enabling users to effortlessly configure, monitor, and troubleshoot PowerFlex drives directly from their computer. Equipped with reliable drivers and software, it provided an intuitive interface for adjusting drive parameters, monitoring performance, and diagnosing issues effectively. Its plug-and-play functionality ensured quick setup and usability without the need for complex wiring or configuration. Overall, the Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 1203-USB Converter was an indispensable tool for efficient drive management and maintenance in industrial automation applications.

Install Instructions

Plug the 1203-USB into a USB port on your computer. You should then get a new hardware found message.

When you are requested to supply the source of these drivers, the extracted folder from the zip.

These drivers will create a virtual COM port on your computer.
Find the port number from the Ports (COM & LPT) portion of your computer's hardware device manager.
Set the baud rate for this port to 115.2KB in DriveExplorer or RSLinx and connect as usual.  
More explicit directions are in the file "USB Driver Installation Instructions.doc" the zip file.