Drivers for RS232 to USB Converter Download

A USB to RS232 adapter is a device that enables communication between a computer or laptop with a USB port and a peripheral device that uses an RS232 serial interface. It allows for the conversion of signals from USB to RS232 and vice versa, facilitating data transfer and communication between the two devices.

The USB to RS232 adapter typically consists of a USB connector on one end and an RS232 connector on the other. It serves as a bridge between modern USB-equipped computers and older devices that still use the RS232 standard, such as serial modems, barcode scanners, industrial equipment, and more.

By utilizing the USB interface, the adapter eliminates the need for dedicated serial ports on computers, which are becoming less common. It provides a convenient and flexible solution for connecting legacy devices to modern systems, enabling seamless communication and data exchange.

USB to RS232 adapters are compatible with various operating systems and require drivers to be installed on the computer for proper functionality. These adapters are widely used in industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, logistics, and telecommunications, where legacy devices with RS232 interfaces are still in use.

USB to RS232 cables are used to interface older serial devices with modern computer operating systems. These converter cables have either a Prolific Chipset built-in (Drivers below) or a FTDI chipset, for those driver look here: FTDI RS232 Drivers