Kworld USB2800D Video Capture Drivers

USB 2.0 PnP Interface, Write-to-Disc Recording: DVD Direct Burn and No Need to Save in HDD, Full DVD VR Support: Users can produce, import, and edit DVD+/-VR discs, Playlist Authoring: Allows creation of video or slideshow playlists on DVD-VR productions, DivX Movie Production: DivX files can be imported and burned onto CD, Motion Menus: Lets users create dynamic menus with motion video backgrounds, Audio Overlay: Allows you insert audio in either MP3 or WAV format, Multiple Capture Device Detection: Can simultaneously detect multiple capture devices, Customized Photo Slideshows, Video Capturing, Video Editing

Basic Specs:
  • Functions: Video Capturing
  • Functions: Video Editing
  • Functions: Video Encoding
  • Functions: Video Recording
  • Video System: PAL
  • Video System: NTSC
  • Maximum Resolution: 720 x 576
  • Video Formats: MPEG-1
  • Video Formats: MPEG-2
  • Video Formats: MPEG-4
  • Video Formats: DivX
  • Video Formats: VHS
  • Video Formats: Hi8
  • Video Formats: DVD
  • Video Formats: SVCD
  • Video Formats: VCD



Device ID(s)